Jewelry Boxes and Chests by Carl Muhlhausen

I really, really like to make boxes. It allows me to use all sorts of different woods and techniques that might be prohibitively expensive or time consuming for a larger piece. It was my love for using handcut dovetails that got me rolling on making boxes and I'm still at it.

I started out making fairly conventional, rectangular boxes, usually out of figured woods with contrasting inlays. Several years ago I began experimenting with shaped boxes with curved sides and tops. These seem to be very popular and I like the way they look. It's a fair amount of handwork to shape the boxes after a basic rectangular box is made and I've worked out my own techniques for doing it.

For availability, prices, questions or comments, please email me and I'll get back to you soon.

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"Pagoda" Jewelry Chest      "Standing" Jewelry Chests


Locking Jewelry Chest        Lacewood and Imbuia Jewelry Box


Cherry Jewelry Chest                          "Sea Shell" Jewelry Chest"  

 Catalpa Jewelry Box                                   Cherry Knitting Chest 



Curly Oak Knitting Chest Imbuia Jewelry Box


Lacewood Jewelry Boxes "Catch-All" Boxes


Cherry and Rosewood Jewelry Maple and Sycamore Box

For a look at some of my earlier boxes and chests click here.

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