This is the second of two recently completed Lacewood Jewelry Chests.

lace6.jpg (26634 bytes)

I decided to use a mild stain on this piece. It seemed to bring out the spectacular figure of the Lacewood a bit more and I'm partial to walnut colored pieces.

lace7.jpg (25682 bytes)

The top on this piece is really amazing. I've had enough experience with quartersawn wood like this that I can pretty well select the wood so that the curving of the top will turn the spots into stripes after shaping the top. Even so I was very pleasantly surprised and kind of blown away by the way this top turned out. Here the figure almost looks like a tiger's stripes.

 lace8.jpg (18677 bytes)

This chest has a drawer and a removable lift out tray.

lace9.jpg (32567 bytes)

The handle drawer is one of my three piece creations carved from scraps of Brazilian Rosewood (precious stuff). The two side pieces are pegged into the drawer front and the horizontal crosspiece rotates in holes in the side pieces.

lace5.jpg (19921 bytes)


The finish is a walnut aniline dye stain topped by French polished orange shellac.

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