This is another dovetailed jewelry chest with drawer and lift out tray. It's made from mahogany with a cocobolo drawer pull. I had short, thick piece (over 2" thick) piece of mahogany that, by careful planning and no mistakes, I was able to turn into a jewelry chest with a few scraps left over. The entire piece, with the exception of the drawer pull,  including the drawer and tray bottoms is mahogany.


Mhg1.JPG (11456 bytes)

I resawed the wood for the box carcase on the band saw to get two pieces that were a full inch thick. This also enables you to match the grain on all four corners. The top also started as a fairly thick piece of wood- a touch over 1". This enabled me to accentuate the curves on the top and the box sides quite a bit.

Mahog5.jpg (16151 bytes)

The grain on the top yielded a pretty interesting pattern once shaped considering that the overall grain of the wood was pretty straight and uniform.

Mahog15.jpg (16700 bytes)

The finish on the box is French polished orange shellac which turned out very nicely. The orange shellac brought out the color of the mahogany nicely, but I also expect  that the wood will darken a bit over time to a deep reddish brown.

Mahog14.jpg (20598 bytes)

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