Another Mango Wood Jewelry Chest

This is the second of two jewelry chests I was able to complete out of a single board of Hawaiian Mango wood.  Right now this is my favorite jewelry box I've made. I'll probably change my opinion as soon as I make some more pieces, but I really like this piece.

mango5.jpg (21338 bytes)


The grain and figure on this piece of wood is really something special. There's some curly figure, some dark swirls, that may be spalting, and some bits of pink and yellow coloration that didn't  make it very well  into the the image (the pink can be seen on the front face near the top right). This is the kind of wood that makes you want to just stare at it and examine it inch by inch.

mango9.jpg (25235 bytes)

I'm very happy with the shape and proportions of this chest and the way the curves of the feet flow into the curves of the box sides.

mango7.jpg (17529 bytes)

Rather than build a drawer into the box, I decide to make two nesting trays. I felt a drawer would disrupt the grain pattern on the front of the box too much.

mango8.jpg (19220 bytes)

The  handle on the top is handcarved from piece of Ipe. The center of the Ipe has this nice pink color while the outside is a darker brown. This may change with time, but right now I like the contrasting colors of the handle. I left the gouge and tool marks on the handle. It makes it easier to grip and I like the way it contrasts with the very smooth curves on the rest of the box.

The finish is French polished super blonde shellac which I brought to a fairly high gloss.

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