Cherry Knitting Chest

This knitting chest is made from a beautiful piece of cherry from Monmouth County, NJ. The front, sides and back are a continuous, single wide piece of wood, so the eye can follow the grain around the chest.
All the dovetails are handcut and the curved sides and top of the box were shaped by hand with a spokeshave, rasps, and files. I decided to experiment with the curves after a visit to the Wharton Esherick studio in Pennsylvania (after which my daughter, Emily, remarked: "Daddy, you have to start making more curves!"). Several people have remarked that the curves make it look somewhat Oriental in style and I agree.
The finish is French polished shellac and wax. The chest measures about 12" high by 15" long and 9" wide. The handle on the top is walnut, and it and the side handles are all hand carved.

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