Leopardwood Jewelry Box

One more creation from Leopardwood. The design of this one follows the style I've been using for a few years now. I  always find some little refinement in the curve used for the sides or the shaping of the top that seems an improvement over what I've done in the past. Then when I get done with a given piece, I generally want to make another similar piece (not right away, but sometime) either because I really like the one I've just completed or I think I can improve on it some more.


leopardwood6.jpg (27517 bytes)

The piece of wood I had for the top was nice and thick so I was able to sculpt out the curves a good deal and leave well defined ridges between them.

leopardwood7.jpg (30043 bytes)


This piece is unstained and finished with a super-blonde shellac. The handles are cocobolo with the squarish pieces pegged horizontally into the box top and a wedged triangular piece connecting them.

Leopardwood9.jpg (20594 bytes)

The entire piece is made from Leopardwood. I had some flatsawn wood that I used for the box bottom and the tray bottom. The rest is all quartersawn. The box measures about 8"w x 11" l x 5" h and it's very heavy.

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