Sycamore Jewelry Box with Drawer


This is another jewelry box made from quartersawn sycamore. This one has a drawer in addition to a removable tray. The drawer seems to be very practical for a jewelry box, but it's something of a pain to execute. I have to leave room for the wood that will be removed in sawing the drawer front out from the main front piece (I make this piece initially about a 1/4" wider than the backs and the sides). Shaping the drawer front and fitting it to the rest of the drawer is also fairly time consuming. It's also something of a challenge to pick a practical size for the drawer front and to then lay out the dovetails to get the right look.

sycamore7.jpg (34476 bytes)


This piece was finished with a light aniline dye stain followed by multiple coats of French polished shellac. I have mixed feelings about the stain on this wood.


sycamore8.jpg (29762 bytes)

sycamore9.jpg (32648 bytes)


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