"Standing" Jewelry Chests


These are several multiple drawer jewelry chests in enclosed stands that were inspired by my original "Pagoda" Jewelry Chest. Some have the curved top similar to the one I used on the Pagoda piece and others are in an open stand. For lack of a better term, I'm calling these "Standing" Jewelry Chests. All feature a central cabinet with 4 -5 drawers set in a standing frame. Most of these are 20 to 24 inches high, about 12 inches wide, and about 9 to 11 inches deep. They hold a lot of jewelry.

These are very labor intensive pieces and  consequentially are my most expensive jewelry boxes. The cabinets are joined with hand cut dovetails, as are all the drawers. Everything is made with solid wood - no plywood and the drawers are individually fit into the cabinet by careful planing and scraping. The stands are constructed with mortise and tenon joints that are either pegged or wedged for extra strength as well as for a added decorative touch. 

The drawers have dividers in them and the bottoms are lined with velvet. In the top most drawer the dividers are usually about 1" square and they get progressively larger. The bottom most drawer is divided into 4 compartments roughly 3" by 4" in size.

Since I have a lot of pictures of these I'll show most of them as thumbnails. Click on the small image to see the larger version.

"Pi" Chest

The first piece I call the "Pi" chest because it kind of reminds me of the Greek letter "pi". (I used to be a chemical physicist and spent a lot of time with the Greek alphabet.)


This piece is made from Quartersawn Sycamore in a Walnut Stand. The drawer handles were carved from Imbuia wood and I used oak for the drawer sides and bottoms.

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The most unusual feature of this chest is that the top opens and reveals an upper compartment. You can see this in the third thumbnail about.  The top is made from a very nice piece of figured walnut. I make the backs of these pieces from a frame and panel piece that is screwed into the back of the piece.

Flame Birch Standing Chest

The next piece is a Flame Birch cabinet set in an open walnut stand:


This piece has five drawers of varying heights. The drawer handles are hand carved from Imbuia wood. The drawers on this one have half blind dovetail joints on the front so the dovetails are only visible from the sides.

birch1_5.jpg (46736 bytes)  birch1_2.jpg (47309 bytes) birch1_4.jpg (49672 bytes) 

The back of this piece is a birch frame with a walnut panel.

Flame Birch "Pagoda" Chest

This piece is has a fixed top like the original Pagoda Chest. The legs on the stand have a double curve rather than a single curve. It's made in Flame Birch and Walnut. 

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The last of three thumbnails show details of the dividers and bottom liner in the drawers.

Sycamore Standing Chest

This last chest is made from Quartersawn Sycamore and Walnut. The cabinet is set in an open frame.


The drawers on this piece have exposed dovetails.

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The fourth of these pictures shows the details of the pegged and wedged mortise and tenon joints used on the stand.