Birdseye  Maple and Walnut Table



In one of my excursions to a local hardwood supplier a few years ago, I came across some really nice birdseye maple. As is often the case, I now regret not buying more of the wood, because it had some really dense birdseye figure combined with interesting grain and color variations between the heartwood and sap wood.

The top is constructed from two pieces of maple joined along their edges. A blonde shellac finish on the top brought out the birdseye figure without darkening the color of the wood too much. The darker streaks are the heartwood and the lighter colored areas are the maple sapwood. 

The base is made from walnut and has a drawer. I used a double curve profile on the legs.

It's constructed with mortise and tenon joints reinforced with pegs or wedges. The final dimensions are about 36" high by 20" long and 17" deep.

The drawer is made with handcut dovetails and rides on wooden runners attached to the base.

For availability, prices, questions or comments, please email me and I'll get back to you soon.