Display Table




This is a table suitable for "displaying" a small piece like a vase of flowers or a small piece of sculpture.  Although from my perspective, I don't know why anyone would want to cover up the beautiful spalted, birdseye maple top.

The base is made from walnut with curved legs joined by interlocking cross pieces. It stands about 42" high and the top is roughly 12" by 12".


The top is made from a striking piece of birdseye maple with a bit of spalted figure in it. I used a French polished finish of super blonde shellac on the top which preserved the light color of the maple. The walnut base is finished with orange shellac which I find gives walnut a warm brown color without darkening it too much.

The crosspieces are joined to the legs with wedged mortise and tenon joints.

The piece has a light, delicate look, but is surprisingly strong.

For availability, prices, questions or comments, please email me harvwoodwrks@geocities.com and I'll get back to you soon.

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