Tiger Maple Table


Figured maple comes in a variety of descriptive terms: curly, tiger, fiddleback, quilted, birdseye, and some I've probably forgotten or never heard about. The top on this table is what I think of as tiger maple. Striped like a tiger, but not quite as long, straight and narrow as in fiddleback maple.


Whatever you call it, it's amazing stuff. This top is finished with a light amber dye stain and French polished orange shellac. The chamfers on the edges were done with a spokeshave to give the top a lighter and more graceful look.

The base is made from walnut and is constructed with mortise and tenon joints reinforced with wedges or wooden pegs.

The legs have a single curve  and the stretchers on the table are curved to match. The base is also finished with orange shellac which gives walnut a rich, warm brown color.

The final dimensions are about 36" high by 22" long and 18" deep.

It has a dovetailed drawer:

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