Doing business with a faceless individual over the Internet can be nerve wracking. You pay your money and hope for the best. I try to work closely with my customers and ensure that they understand what they are buying and, in the end, are delighted with what they purchase. I've had some wonderful experiences working with customers exploring possibilities, working through designs, making the pieces, and finally getting email like that below.

Here are some excerpts from email from my customers.

Merry Christmas to you as well! She loved it! Thanks again - I bet my sister will be in touch once she sees the box - her B-Day is in November - I'll make sure her husband gets your URL. Thanks so much John

Carl, I just wanted to thankyou and priase ur work again. I had recieved the box from UPS early this week and when i went home to see it it was breath taking!!!!! really as you said it looks like a gem. That lace wood is beyond what i had pictured it to be and ur right the pics online don't do it much justice. Add to that the beautiful work u have added to that and its quite amazing!!!!! the box looks perfect and the quality VERY good ..... I'm sure my wife will be pleased its just we sometimes clash in out likes beening shes an interior designer, but oh well :) thanks again and i'll keep u posted regards, Mel

Carl - Happy New Year to you and your wife. We wanted you to see the box at home. Chris loves it and says that the way it is configured is perfect for her jewelry - the pegs, the drawer dividers, etc. Thanks again. I am sending two photos separately so I can send them at a high resolution. Regards, Jeff

I really had a lot of fun working with you and making this piece happen. I could only say to prospective customers that I am basically a leery person and I trusted you from the start. I had actually bought something else on the internet from a person who did not totally represent what he was selling and I was unable to return it. You were honest with me from the getgo and I definitely got what I wanted. Please continue your work in this fine craft - you are one of a vanishing breed in this world of prefabrication and poor quality.

As always, Stephanie

More from Stephanie:

Hi Carl,

I came home from work tonight to find the garage door wide open and a big empty box in the
middle of it with a bunch of paper and styrafoam balls on the floor. Stupidly, I asked Bill if "it" had
come, to which he responded, "Now, what do you think?" He already had the piece out of its box
in its entirety (the box came without a knick in it - as well as the piece) with the drawers nestled
perfectly in position. What a beaut!! You must have had a hard time parting with it - I know I
would have. I told Bill I'd wait until the weekend before filling it with jewelry but unable to resist the
temptation, I gave in, and had it happily storing my jewelry within minutes!! Carl, I am so very
happy with it. It is just incredible. The compartments are just perfect and the workmanship
is perfection. I knew the wait would be well worth it and you definitely proved me right!! Will you
be adding a photo of this piece t o your website? I a m sure if you do everybody will be wanting
one. I have never seen one even similar to it and I am sure that if other ladies (or even men) knew
that such a piece could be had there would be a greater demand for it. Let's just say, however, that
I am glad to have a one-of-a-kind.

Thank you so much for taking on this request of mine. I certainly couldn't have picked a better man
for the job. I must say that I will miss our correspondence. Half the fun was the wait as is in all
good things. If I can ever help you out with any West Coast type information please don't hesitate to
drop me a line.

As always, Stephanie

It is wonderful! I am sure that Heather is going to love it! Turned out
really well, didn't it? I really do like the contrasts in the woods!

Beautiful job. I showed it to a lady friend last night and she really liked it.
Her second comment was that the inside of the lid was just crying out for a
mirror. Will see if I can have a beveled edge one fashioned in time for Christmas.

What do you think?
Thanks again, I will look forward to seeing a pic of it on your web
Happy Holidays, and a prosperous '99.

Dear Carl
Can't thank you enough for my wonderful easel!
stay well


The jewelry box arrived today -- it looks great. I am sure my wife will
love it. Thanks.



Thanks again for the wonderful jewelry box. It arrived early last week,
it was in perfect condition. I know it will be treasured!

Thanks again.

I hope you have a blessed holiday season.


2001 carl@harvestwoodworks.com

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